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bet3365官网手机版-12bet下载 苹果版的学风是“严谨、勤奋、求实、创新”。它的正式提出是在本世纪初年,是对西京师生优良学风的高度概括。它要求西京学生摈弃浮躁、懒惰、粗枝大叶、墨守成规等陋习,辩证地塑造了西京学生行动与思辨、学习与创造、务实与求新的作风。 2000年以来,bet3365官网手机版-12bet下载 苹果版进一步强化学风建设,大力提倡“严谨为学、诚信为人”,并特别强调广大教师要在学风建设中发挥主导作用,在教学、科研等各项工作中以身作则,用自身的严谨治学、从严执教来影响和陶冶学生。

Style of Xijing University is "strict, diligent, pragmatic and innovative." It was formally proposed the early years of this century, is a good style of study Xijing highly condensed summary of teachers and students. It requires students to abandon Xijing impetuous, lazy, sloppy, rigid and other bad habits, dialectically shaped the action and speculation, Xijing students, learning and creativity, pragmatism and novelty style. Since 2000, Xijing University to further strengthen the style of study, has strongly advocated "strict for learning, integrity man", with particular emphasis on the teachers to play a leading role in the Atmosphere, in teaching, research and other work to lead by example, with its own rigorous scholarship, and strict coach to influence and mold their students.

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